The European Cycle Challenge 2017 is an urban cyclists’ team competition which aims at the promotion of sustainable mobility and the use of bicycle as a means of transportation, organised by SRM, the Public Transport Authority of Bologna. A Dublin team has been entered by the NTA



  1. To use the challenge as a tool to promote more people cycling, and more miles being cycled, in Dublin City and County;
  2. To compare and learn from this alternative approaches to a cycle challenge; and
  3. To benefit from raw GPS data re cycle movement in the Dublin County area at the end of the challenge by way of a heat map.

Key things to know about the Challenge

  1. The European Cycling Challenge 2017 – ECC2017 takes place from 1st to 31st May 2017.
  2. It is possible to join the Challenge until May 31st.
  3. A free App is provided for all individuals that sign up. Signing up for individuals is free.
  4. Dublin City and County border represent the Team, and individuals within that boundary that have signed up, track their bike-trips with the free App
  5. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can manually insert your bike-trips. It is possible to insert manually up to 6 trips per day.
  6. If you join to ECC2017 after May 1st, you can insert trips made during the previous days.
  7. All kinds of bicycle are allowed – owned or rented, bike-sharing, electric bicycles, cargo bike, etc.
  8. All trips made by bicycle are accepted if the bicycle is used as a means of transportation. For instance, trips to and from workplace or school, to shopping, to visit friends, to go to the cinema or to the swimming pool.
  9. Sport activities are not allowed.
  10. Trips with an average speed higher than 30 km/h AND a maximum speed higher than 45 km/h are not valid for the challenge, thus for the city leaderboard, but only for the statistical leaderboard. The same will be for trips longer than 35 km.
  11. It is possible to join a City Team if you live in the city or you travel to/from/across the city.
  12. In the "City Leaderboard " only the km of the part of the trip made within the borders will be counted. In the “Statistic Leaderboard” all km of any journey will be counted.
  13. It is possible to join only one City Team.
  14. It is possible to join a subteam for each category (companies, schools, groups).
  15. The only two official leaderboards are: the “City Leaderboard” and the “Best Cycling City Leaderboard”. All the other leaderboards have only a statistic meaning.

ucd brandmark colourApril 5th 2017, 6.30pm

Astra Hall (UCD Student Centre)

UCD Sport, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Sports Partnership and the UCD Centre for Sports Studies are hosting a FREE Seminar on April 5th 2017 from 6.30-7.45pm in Astra Hall (UCD Student Centre). The seminar will cover coaching styles, athlete engagement and processes designed to facilitate athlete learning and development at all levels. It will also touch on scientific evidence supporting the learning process and some practical activities coaches can adopt.

dlrsp best logo with straplineTuesday 21st March 2017, 7pm – 8.30pm

Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

As we all know a positive sporting experience and support structure can be hugely important to young people’s physical and mental health. If you are worried about a young person in your sports club or have you questions around young people’s mental health we have the workshop for you.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Sports Partnership are hosting a FREE workshop on the evening of the 21st March that will look at the area of Youth Mental Health & Sport for club coaches, volunteers and parents. This workshop will be held as part of the Sports Forum meeting and its ongoing work to support volunteer coaches and volunteers in their invaluable work.

CARA announced today that they will host the first ever National fit4all week and National fit4all Expo. The fit4all week will run from the 8th May to the 14th May with the National Expo taking place on the 10th May in the newly opened National Indoor Arena.

The 5 times All Ireland winner and patron for fit4all Aidan O’Mahony and Operation Transformation Leader Chris Mc Elligott were on hand at the National Aquatic Centre today to mark the announcement.

Fit4All gym photo min 1

The fit4all week is a national campaign aimed at increasing awareness among people with disabilities their families & carers and disability services on the benefits of regular exercise, healthy lifestyles and opportunities to participate within the local community. Fit4all week also aims to increase awareness and build the capacity of leisure & fitness professionals in providing accessible programmes and facilities within their local community.

“Throughout the Fit4All week, we are inviting leisure Centres, fitness facilities, community halls, professional trainers etc. around the country to open up their centres and invite individuals with disabilities to participate in their programmes and to try out everything within their facility” – Brenda O’Donnell, Inclusive Fitness Coordinator Cara Centre

“Our National fit4all Expo, which is a free of charge event, will showcase a wide range of fitness classes, programmes and equipment in a bid to let individuals with disabilities and professionals working in the fitness sector know how easy it is to make inclusive opportunities available within their local centres or facilities. “– Niamh Daffy, Managing Director, Cara Centre

There will be a full schedule of classes throughout the day of the Expo, each highlighting the inclusion of individuals with disabilities, including classes hosted by Kris Saunders Stowe, the Founder of Wheely Good Fitness in the UK. Kris provides unique and modern fitness classes to wheelchair users and to the wider disability community.

The Expo will also pay host to an exhibition of services and products from companies, retailers and vendors working in the fitness sector. Each exhibitor will be highlighting their product or service with special focus on how it can improve or assist with the inclusion of individuals with a disability into their centre programmes.

Leisure Centres that are interested in participating in the fit4all week are encouraged to register their centre details at and any individual wishing to take part during the week can check out the list of active centres on our website

Present in Photos - Chris Mc Elligott (operation Transformation), Patrice Dockery (Paralympian), Dale Blount (St Michaels House) and Aidan O'Mahony Patron (Dancing with the Stars)

If any leisure centres, fitness facilities, community halls, professional trainers etc want to become more inclusive or run an event during Fit4all week, please contact Brian O'Donnell, Sports Inclusion Disability Officer for the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown area on 01-2719506

For further information from the CARA Centre on Fit4all programme, please contact Brenda O’Donnell, Inclusive Fitness Coordinator, CARA Centre on 01-6251160 W: F: T: @CaraCentre_ie About CARA

CARA is a national organisation which provides a collaborative and partnership platform throughout Ireland to impact on enhancing sport and physical activity opportunities for people with disabilities. CARA believes that sport and physical activity for people with disabilities is a means of enhancing life, increasing social interaction, improving physical and mental health and empowering people in all aspects of their lives. Our challenge is to ensure that people with disabilities have the same awareness of and access to opportunities to be active

About fit4all: fit4all is a national campaign aimed at increasing awareness among people with disabilities, families/carers and disability services on the benefits of regular exercise, healthy lifestyles and opportunities to participate within the local community. fit4all also aims to increase awareness and build the capacity of leisure & fitness professionals in providing accessible programmes and facilities within their local community.

Aidan O’Mahony: Aidan O’Mahony is a 5 time all Ireland winning player for Kerry and 2 time all star recipient. Aidan made 70 championship appearances and featured in 85 league games for Kerry. O'Mahony announced his retirement from inter-county football on 23 January 2017. He is currently a contestant on Dancing with the Stars (Ireland)

ucd brandmark colourWednesday February 15th from 6.30pm
The Red Room, UCD Student Centre, UCD, Belfield
UCD Sport in partnership with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Sports Partnership are running the fourth seminar of the 2016/2017 series on Wednesday February 15th from 6.30pm. The seminar will cover two key areas that affect sporting performance in athletes and players.