Background to the Local Sports Partnership initiative

ISC_smallThe Irish Sports Council was established on 1 July 1999 under the Irish Sports Council Act. In response to the functions ascribed and the requirements of the Act, the Irish Sports Council produced its first Statement of Strategy, A New Era for Sport in 2000. During the period covered by this strategy, the Irish Sports Council established its first twelve Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs).

In their second strategy - Sport for Life - the ISC again supported the continued expansion of the LSP network, with a further four LSPs established in 2004.

Since the publication of the current strategy; Building Sport for Life 2006-2008, the remaining 17 LSP's have been established and there is full national coverage.


The outcomes Irish Sport Council seek from the Local Sports Partnerships are:

  • Enhanced planning of sport at local level
  • Increased levels of local participation, especially amongst specific target groups such as older people, girls and women, people with disabilities, unemployed people and those who live in identified disadvantaged communities
  • Enhanced local coach deployment
  • Club development 
  • Volunteer training
  • Local directories of sports bodies and facilities
  • Better use of existing facilities
  • Clear priorities for local facility provision and improvement, with related quality management initiatives
  • School/club/community and possibly school-NGB links
  • Local sports events


Welcome to the dlr Sports Partnership staff - these are the people who answer your phone calls, reply to your emails and try to provide your people with more information, events & help at every opportunity - help them to help you!

All those statutory bodies, organisations and groups operating in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown with a responsibility for or interest in sports participation and development are invited to participate in the DLR Sports Partnership.  This includes the involvement of the Local Authority, VEC, HSE, FÁS, education sector, sports clubs/organisations and voluntary/community groups.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County is located between the outer suburbs of Dublin City and the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains on the East Coast of Ireland and is made up of urban (53%) and rural (47%) areas.